Amrita Moor Honored as Volunteer of the Year in Austin

Amrita Moor We are so proud and grateful to announce that our beloved Amrita was recently named as a Volunteer of the Year Honoree by the Austin Ballet Guild.  Amrita’s tireless and inspiring devotion to the work of the Amala Foundation will be honored at the Austin Ballet Guild’s 8th Annual Women On Their Toes Spring Luncheon Event on Tuesday, April 10th.  Austin Woman Magazine featured the honorees, including Amrita, in a recent issue.

Amrita and her family have lived in Austin for over 20 years. For a decade, they have been involved with the Amala Foundation.  In addition to  her many years of service as key volunteer at local youth programs like Camp Indigo and the Global Youth Peace Summit, Amrita has also traveled to India several times to serve the children of the Bhatti Mines School.

After being inspired by Amala’s various youth programs and its work with adults, Amrita wanted to create a way for Amala to be more financially sustainable. Combining her passion for beautiful spaces, her joy at finding thrift shop treasures, and her love of connecting with people, she created Nectar, a boutique that contributes 100% of its profits to the Amala Foundation and its local and global programs.  Amrita invites you to visit Nectar to find something beautiful and in turn do something beautiful for the world.

Amrita has a huge, tender heart, that has given more selflessly and boldly than most people will ever dare or be willing to give.  Yet within it all, she remains, humble, leading with presence, potently modeling creative volunteerism with her every action and interaction.  The impact of Amrita’s leadership on our community is too great to encompass here.  The essence of it is that everyone she touches feels more love, connection and aliveness.  In the concept of “teaching how to fish”, rather than “feeding for a day”, Amrita’s leadership sows the seeds of love and service.  She lives, inspires and leads in such a way that both youth and adults are activated and empowered to grow and rise as leaders of peace and humanitarian service in their families, lives and communities.

Amrita, thank you for all that you have done for our community and the youth we serve.  We are grateful that are paths have crossed.

2 thoughts on “Amrita Moor Honored as Volunteer of the Year in Austin

  1. Jessica Aufdermaur on said:

    Beautifully written piece about the big hearted, wonderful Amrita! She has changed my life! She is truly an angel on earth, but also approachable, fiesty, fun and down to earth! So glad she received this honor 🙂

    Love you Amrita!


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