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One Congregation - Sponsor A YouthWe’re inviting congregations to help sponsor refugee youth who have recently resettled in this country to attend the 6th Annual Global Youth Peace Summit.  Each year, the Global Youth Peace Summit unites 75 youth from 25+ different countries for an eight-day youth summit devoted to heart-centered dialogue, healing, conflict resolution and cultural exchange.

With only $775, your congregation can help make this transformational and healing experience possible for those youth who need it most, including youth from The Congo, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Burma, Yemen, Bhutan, Uganda, Israel, Palestine, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Liberia and dozens of other countries.  All donations, no matter the size, are greatly appreciated and are an integral piece in making this transformational experience possible.

One of the most beautiful and moving parts of the Summit is the fact that it creates a safe space for the youth to share their cultures and their religions.  Youth from all walks life and from many faiths attend the Summit each year; for some, it is the first time they can openly share their faith with others.

If you know of any churches, mosques or temples that might want to help sponsor a refugee youth, please feel free to pass along this information.  We appreciate any help you can provide in getting the message out about our sponsorship program.

All donations are tax-deductible as the Amala Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Please help sponsor a refugee youth today by clicking here; your donation will profoundly impact a life.  Thank you.

One Business, One Child Program

Are you a business that would like to support the diverse youth of the world in their attempts to heal and become leaders in their communities, schools and homes?  Check out our One Business, One Child program.

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