Has Amala impacted your life or the life of someone you love?

Do you want to see more of this kind of work in the world?  We do too!

That’s why we created One Tribe, Amala’s monthly donor program. One Tribe members are the pillars of the organization, and have the unique opportunity to not only support the growth of Amala’s reach and impact, but also to engage in meaningful discussions that will directly impact the future of the organization.

Join One Tribe Today!

A monthly gift of any size makes you a member of One Tribe, which gives you access to the people who founded, lead, and benefit from your Amala’s programs.

Benefits include:

– An annual gathering with Vanessa Stone, the founder of Amala Foundation. Vanessa will be available to One Tribe members for a candid conversation about the history and future of Amala. She’ll share the inspiration behind Amala’s unique model of youth development, and encourage you to give input on how to strengthen and expand the impact of our work.

– Quarterly meetups with Jen Lucas, the Executive Director of the Amala Foundation. Jen will provide updates on current programs and insights into what’s on the horizon. The goal of these meetups is to foster a sense of community among One Tribe members and provide a platform for two way communication between our supporters and leadership.

– Presentations from the youth. The impact of our youth programs is evident when you meet and engage with our young leaders, and we give them as many opportunities as possible to lead, share their experience with Amala and their vision for our future. Your involvement provides a platform for them to demonstrate the skills they’ve acquired through our programs and engage with the broader Amala community.

– Bi-annual calls with our Executive Director for anyone who is unable to make in-person gatherings.

– A copy of our latest One Village Music Project CD

– An annual party to celebrate One Tribe members. This unique event will be hosted by the youth and will serve as a thank you for your continued support.


Give monthly to help build the next generation of compassionate leaders.  By making a tax-deductible monthly donation of $5, $25, $100, or any amount to the Amala Foundation, you’ll help fund important programs that benefit the youth, such as:

Global Youth Peace Summit
Diversity Leadership Conference
Rise Up
Circle Up

Join One Tribe Today!