Thank You For Walking With Us

[singlepic id=207 w=320 h=240 float=left]We are so grateful to you for your participation in this year’s Peace Walk in San Quentin Prison.

Thank you…  for your presence and love, for your fundraising and support, for your devotion to sustainable peace.

We want to share with you a few of the responses from the men about the impact of the Walk, as well as some of your letters. We are deeply grateful to these men who opened their home and their hearts to us. This shared experience of love and unity in the place it is least expected continues to touch and transform lives far beyond what we can imagine.

We also want to celebrate our shared achievement: together we raised $10,000 in support of the Global Youth Peace Summit. Your commitment and your community have provided 14 youth the opportunity to attend this year’s Summit, to heal the wounds of war and violence and continue to grow our global village of love and respect.

We are also able to establish the Champions for Children Scholarship Fund, so that children of incarcerated individuals are able to attend next year’s Global Youth Peace Summit in Northern California.

Thank you.  Your willingness has shown that truly Love can never be imprisoned.

The Amala Foundation

Words of gratitude from the men in San Quentin:

“The whole day was moving. For us to be able to welcome the guests and make them feel comfortable made me appreciate the connection that the men had by doing this together. I sensed a positive ripple effect throughout the whole prison, so I am truly grateful.” ~ Gino, one of the Champions for Children

“I received the highest compliment of my life from Savannah.  We were walking & I told her I had a daughter close to her age.  She said if she were my daughter she’d love to have me as a father.”  ~ Sam, one of the Champions for Children

“My parents have passed away since the last few years I’ve been in prison. All that time I haven’t had any visits. All that time I was very lonely. Yesterday was a blessing because so many brothers and sisters made me feel like a human being again. It changed my mind and my way of thinking toward a more positive way of healing and compassion.” ~ Romero

“Yesterday was the most moving and best experience I’ve had in the past 20 years I’ve been in prison. I’m blown away by what the Amala foundation does for the kids. Thank you all because I’ve never had anything like yesterday before.” ~ Dennis

“The only time I totally dropped my guard in prison was yesterday.” ~ Al

“I missed my day of church but we all had church on the yard. For me yesterday was confirmation to take the spiritual service path instead of doing bad things.” ~ Dwight, one of the Champions for Children

“Yesterday was surely the way God intended for people to interact with each other. It was a day of peace.” ~ JD

“It was new to me, walking with free people. It’s something that I’ve never experienced and it was beautiful” ~ Ken

“Savannah at 18 took control of the conversation and I realized she wanted to make me feel comfortable, while for me it was the other way around. It was the first time in 18 years where I felt that I had a daughter.” ~ Luis

“I never experienced anything like yesterday. We gained a lot of brothers and sisters.” ~ Clinton

“Who we really are, is who we were yesterday, and we got a chance to show that. To me that was the best part.” ~ JW, one of the Champions for Children

“I felt God’s love yesterday. I feel a responsibility to continue to protect the youth.” ~ Kimini

“I got a flame from everybody and together we created peace, and the flame spread. It was beautiful.” ~ Justice

“Brothers’ & sisters, the love I feel w/in my heart in regards to the sincerity of your love for me is beyond any words I can structure to express my self… it is the true essence of God’s grace embracing me closely, allowing me to feel love in it’s purest form through you all!  Nothing is all lost b/c your substance is the divinity that’s given to mankind by the heaven above to inspire a weak heart to be strong on my quest to make this world a better place through love, peace, honesty, equality, & humility:  therefore, thank you family members, thank you all, for accepting me w/ open arms, and seeing my light!
With love always & forever,
your brother,
Kimini Randall.
Be strong & courageous!”

Words of gratitude from the volunteers in the Peace Walk:

“I’m so much more than the person who showed up at the prison this morning. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced more openness, vulnerability, gratitude, and love from anyone than I did from this group of fifty prison inmates. I felt totally seen and accepted, and the connection and healing were profound. And, best of all, I have a hope for all of us that I could never even begin to imagine before.”

“Please tell the men that I love them. They are my teachers in opening the heart, facing the truth, feeling the feelings, and being connected. My physical, emotional and spiritual heart is bigger after experiencing their love and light yesterday.”

“I’m sitting in the airport waiting to return home & I got your email of the men’s words after the Peace Walk. I’m crying & people are staring. I keep thinking about the feeling in that room in San Quentin at the end of the day & the contrast between all that love and the isolation of the folks around me right now. Please remind all the men that they are not forgotten. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to meet them.”

“Dear men, this is for you:

For me you are grace in the form of God. Thank you for reminding me of how much grace is in my life. Every time I see you my heart connects with all the faces of humanity, connects and unites in the place of unconditional love. Thank you for creating the container that holds a place for my healing, growth, inspiration, service, sharing, passion, acceptance & compassion.

Thank you for choosing the path of the evolution of your soul.  By being willing to take the risk of walking this path, you are creating & making possible a sustainable, peaceful & loving paradise. A paradise full of beauty & mysteries that gives the opportunity to many children, women & men a new way of healing, growing, serving & connecting once again with their true nature.

Thank you for being grace in the world. Thank you for being my champions. I love you.

Deep love & gratitude.
Your sister on the path, Nany”
(Youth Peace Leader from Guatemala)

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