Sanctuary Yoga Free Yoga Weekend

Sanctuary Yoga Studio AustinWhat: Sanctuary Yoga Studio Launch Party
When: January 12th-13th
Where: Sanctuary Yoga Studio (at Amala)

We are excited to announce, it’s official…  Sanctuary Yoga Studio is now open for your practice.  Our new website is live – you can check it out here.

To celebrate the launch of our yoga studio, we will be offering $5 yoga classes all week, January 7th-11th, as well as a FREE YOGA WEEKEND, January 12th-13th.  The free yoga weekend will include:

Sun Salutations, Meditation, Restorative Flow, Vinyasa, Candlight Kundalini Yoga, Kirtan, Empowerment Yoga, Hands-Free Yoga, Giving Mellow Yoga, and Sound Healing.

The weekend will begin on Friday with our Communal Healing Project which offers a dozen alternative healing modalities for a donation of $20.  The Communal Healing Project starts at 7pm and lasts until 10pm.

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