Thrive: Decolonizing Wellness Fellowship

It is with great excitement that we present to you our newest program, THRIVE. The Amala Foundation has partnered with the racial justice group, Austin Justice Coalition to dream up and bring this unique decolonizing wellness program. If you’ve already heard about it and you’re ready to decolonize wellness with us, go ahead and apply now!

“More often than not, our people working in social justice spaces are celebrated for what they can produce without a second thought the physical, mental, and emotional labor the work can cause for us. The idea of recuperation and rest shouldn’t just be pain management for when we are running on fumes. We designed THRIVE to pour back into people because if nobody else got us, we got us”.

Annelese Jones, Program Director at Amala

THRIVE is a year-long fellowship that politicizes the burnout of people of color working within the grassroots movement, nonprofit, and education sector.  THRIVE is about rejecting burnout culture within social justice work. It’s about reclaiming and decolonizing our mental health and wellness. It’s a community-centric practice that is designed for us, by us. It offers participants the opportunity to build relationships, process social justice work trauma, and gain the tools and knowledge to decolonize the concept of wellness through a variety of sessions rooted in political education & discourse, practice, mindfulness, movement, and culture. 

Check out the Program Brochure to read more about THRIVE’s offerings, schedule, staff, and more. 

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