Rise Up: Youth Leadership Development Program

Rise Up is a nine month youth leadership development program offering real-world skill development for leadership in today’s complex world.

Austin Global Youth Peace Summit

The Summit unites youth from around the world for a week-long experience dedicated to personal growth, healing, cultural exchange, leadership development and community building.

Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit
Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit

The Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit will be the Amala Foundation's first international Summit.

Circle Up

A weekly Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program serving youth in Austin-area middle and high schools.

Diversity Leadership Conference

The Diversity Leadership Conference unites 100+ youth from 20 Austin-area middle schools for a day dedicated to breaking barriers and stereotypes, finding unity in diversity and growing as compassionate leaders.

California Global Youth Peace Summit

Uniting youth from all over the world to create a community of inspired and empowered youth leaders.

One Village Project

A year-long, youth-led community service and leadership program that empowers local, refugee, and immigrant youth to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity.

One Village Music Project

Young musicians from around the world unite for a week to create music inspired by heartfelt, cross-cultural connections.

Austin summer camp
Indigo Days

There’s no need to wait until next Summer for your child to experience the power and beauty of Camp Indigo.

Camp Indigo

Not only did my daughter describe it as "the best week of my life," she came away each and every day happy, confident, secure and energetically balanced. It was an incredible thing to see. If you live in the Austin area you MUST check this summer camp out for your child. – Jackie

Personal Deepening Retreat for Young Adults | 18-25yrs old

This is a rare weekend retreat opportunity to connect with your knowing.
Join Vanessa and an inspiring group of young adults to take a raw, honest look at the blocks, fears, beliefs and insecurities that keep you from engaging with the infinite possibilities of your vision. Unlock your ability to move freely and authentically in your life.

Heart and Soul Adult Experiential Personal Growth Empowerment

Heart and Soul (AKA 'Wise Up!') is a five-month personal development program for adults, offering real-world inspiration for living authentically in today’s complex world. Heart and Soul is the adult compliment to our popular Rise Up Youth Development Program.

Youth Innovation Council
Youth Innovation Council

The Youth Innovation Council serves in an advisory capacity to the board of directors and provides young people with the skills to address complex social issues at a high level.

2017 Spring Camping Trip!

Building community through authentic connections multi-cultural understanding, and being together in the beautiful nature of Central Texas - and beyond!