Bhatti Mines School

Through our partnership with the Bhatti Mines School in New Delhi, India, each year over 100 children are offered an alternative to child labor, a way out of extreme poverty, hope for the future and the freedom to thrive.

Bhatti Mines School

Sponsor A Child

$160 educates a child for a year and frees them from forced labor. Change a life and sponsor a child today. Each year, over 100 children are educated at the Bhatti Mines School.

Look at what $0.52 cents per day/$16 per month/$191 per year can do for a child at the Bhatti Mines School:

  • A year of education at the Bhatti Mines School
  • Exposure to International volunteers and cultural exchange programs
  • A safe environment that promotes acceptance, self esteem, and an experience of dignity
  • Year-long connection and support from students, donors and volunteers in the United States.


Other ways to help…

  • Sponsor a teacher for $1,900/year (3 teachers need sponsorship this year): Help provide a monthly salary and an employment opportunity for an emerging village teacher.
  • Entire school for $19,164/year: Become an Angel Donor and infuse the entire Bhatt Mines community with a blessing that will impact the lives of an entire community.



Since 2007, The Amala Foundation has partnered with the Bhatti Mines School, which resides in an impoverished village on the outskirts of New Delhi, India. Through the partnership, each over 100 children are offered an alternative to child labor, a way out of extreme poverty, hope for the future and the freedom to thrive.

UPDATE: Four more yoga studios across the country have joined our YoGive! program which was inspired and created by Darren Rhodes and YogaOasis located in Tucson, AZ. These yoga studios will be offering a weekly yoga class whose proceeds will go to support the children of the Bhatti Mines School. We have so much gratitude for YogaOasis, Southtown Yoga (St. Louis), Capitol Hill Yoga (Washington DC), SAY OM Yoga (Austin, TX), Preshana Yoga (Australia) and Wild Mountain Yoga Center (Nevada City).

India Service Retreats

In addition to offering funding and resources for sustainable development, the Amala Foundation organizes groups of volunteers from the United States to travel to the school to teach classes, train teachers, and participate in a cultural exchange. The last three years, one graduating delegate of the Global Youth Peace Summit and One Village Project has traveled to India for the first time to serve at the Bhatti Mines School.

The Community

The Bhatti Mines community faces extreme hardship of poverty and unemployment. This is one of the most impoverished areas of Delhi. The 30,000 residents of the villages live in slum-like conditions lacking adequate shelter, running water, electricity, health services, schools and economic opportunity.

The School

The Bhatti Mines School gives children in this area an alternative to forced labor: each year over 100 children receive an education, empowerment and hope for the future. The Amala Foundation has been in partnership with the Bhatti Mines School since 2007.

The Connection

Santosh and Archana Singh began teaching the children of Bhatti Mines over ten years ago out of a deep calling to address the issues of child labor and poverty in their community. In 2007, Vanessa met the Singh family while serving in India and was moved by their sincerity and devotion; she felt inspired to reach out to the Amala Foundation community to form an alliance based on Amala’s guiding principle that sustainable peace begins within. From this meeting, the Bhatti Mines Partnership was birthed.