Austin Global Youth Peace Summit

The Summit unites youth from around the world for a week-long experience dedicated to personal growth, healing, cultural exchange, leadership development and community building.

California Global Youth Peace Summit

Sponsor A Youth

The youth of Austin and the world are trying to transform the wounds of war and violence into healing and compassionate leadership… AND they need your support.

Approximately 80% of the youth who attend the Global Youth Peace Summit are scholarship recipients. They would not be able to have this unique, transformational, and healing experience without the generosity of people like you. It costs $700 to sponsor a youth for the Global Youth Peace Summit. Every donation, $10, $25, $50, $200, is received with gratitude.

Please know that your donation will directly impact the life of a youth and give them the opportunity to positively impact themselves, their homes and their communities.


  • The Summit broke open my heart and peeled away my shell so much that I was able to see light in myself and in others.

    –Sadie Howard
  • GYPS is a place to heal my soul, it quenches my thirst for having people really see me as well as seeing others. Being real.

    –Emily Cauley
  • I want to come back this year because I feel like I have only begun to scratch the surface of who I truly am and how I can impact the world. The last summit taught me the power of authenticity and I want to continue to learn to be authentic, even in my day to day life when I am away from Amala.

    –Brooke Prakarsh
  • I learned so much about my own heart and my own desires. The Summit/Village is and was like a home to me, one of the only places where I can take the mask off.

    –Annika Mukherjee
  • GYPS is the most important week of every year for me. Each year I come back I learn more and more about myself, and others all around the world. Personally, I think it is essential to really learn about other cultures and to get to know others on a deeper level.

    –Anais Rose
Yes!  For the summer of 2018, there will be a ‘summit-like’ experience! The Summit is being re-designed to keep the power of the process, the inspiration of the connections, and the impact of the journey, while allowing the experience to evolve. Please check back as we finalize the information and announce the details!

The experience will unite youth (ages 14-17) from around the world (living right here in Austin!) for a week-long experience dedicated to personal growth, healing, cultural exchange, leadership development and community building.

The new Summit Experience will return this summer 2018, stay tuned! We have used the time off to design for long-term program sustainability, and to expand our capacity to meet demand while ensuring we keep the power of the process intact.

The Summit is a place for authenticity…

Every youth is empowered to be themselves, completely.  The invitation is simple – come as you are.  The Summit is not about being “peaceful”; it is about being real.  The primary intention of the Summit is not about creating peace in the world.  It is about each youth making the commitment to cultivate peace within their own hearts and minds, and to walk in the world in a way that inspires others to do the same.

The Summit is a place for learning…

Through team-building exercises, leadership training, cultural exchange opportunities, and dialogue circles, the youth learn skills for conflict resolution, heart-centered communication, compassionate response, and peace-focused leadership.

Check out what one of our youth, Eiei, had to say the California Global Youth Peace Summit.

The Summit is a place for connection and inspiration…

The Summit unites young people from around the world and gives them an opportunity to see that beyond our nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, past experiences and present circumstances, we are all human beings who essentially want the same things: acceptance, love, equality and peace.

This fundamental understanding ignites empathy and compassion.  The Summit inspires youth to turn this compassion into action by giving them the necessary tools and support to make an impact in their homes, their communities, their world, among their peers and, most importantly, within themselves.

The Summit is a place for healing…

Some of the youth who attend have experienced traumatic circumstances: extreme poverty, religious persecution, child labor, gang violence, abuse and neglect.  Some have witnessed the atrocities of war and have literally run for their lives; many have been uprooted from their native cultures and are struggling to integrate into an entirely foreign world.  By sharing their stories with others, Summit participants find themselves heard, celebrated, and empowered.

The Summit is a place to begin…

Following the completion of the Summit, youth are invited to participate in our One Village Project which is a year-long, youth-led community service and leadership development program.  The One Village Project unites youth from the Summit and youth who are completely new to Amala’s programs.

How can you support?

1. Change a life forever by making a contribution here.

2. Grow our community of support by creating a fundraising page and inviting friends and family to support the youth of the Summit by clicking here.

Community Partners

543px-Whole_Foods_Market_logo.svgThe Amala Foundation is grateful for the continued support of the Shanti Intercultural Foundation, Burdine Johnson Foundation, Shield Ayres Foundation, BlackbaudRealHQ and Whole Foods Market.  Without their support, the Global Youth Peace Summit would not be possible.

The Summit is truly a community-driven experience, which is supported by 100+ volunteers, dozens of local businesses, and over 15 partner organizations.

Each year, Austin-area organizations help identify potential delegates for the Global Youth Peace Summit.  Local non-profit organizations including Urban Roots, LifeWorks, Center for Survivors of Torture, Breakthrough Austin, iAct, Refugee Services of Texas, Multi-Cultural Refugee Coalition, Communities in Schools and the International School work closely with our team to select Summit participants.


Youth Testimonials