Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit

The Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit will be the Amala Foundation's first international Summit.

Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit

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The Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit will unite 70 youth from 15+ countries in Meru, Kenya for a week dedicated to personal growth, leadership development, cultural exchange and community building. This will be our first international Summit and will be hosted in partnership with International Peace Initiatives, a humanitarian service organization founded by Dr. Karambu Ringera, and Initiatives of Change.

The Summit will take place in October of 2016.  The Summit was scheduled to take place in December of 2015 but due to recent violence in the world and the current Global Travel Alert it has been postponed to October of 2016.

We will share pictures soon!

The Summit is a place for authenticity…

Every youth is empowered to be themselves, completely.  The invitation is simple – come as you are.  The Summit is not about being “peaceful”; it is about being real.  The primary intention of the Summit is not about creating peace in the world.  It is about each youth making the commitment to cultivate peace within their own hearts and minds, and to walk in the world in a way that inspires others to do the same.

The Summit is a place for learning…

Through team-building exercises, leadership training, cultural exchange opportunities, and dialogue circles, the youth learn skills for conflict resolution, heart-centered communication, compassionate response, and peace-focused leadership.

Check out what one of our youth, Eiei, had to say about this past California Global Youth Peace Summit.

The Summit is a place for connection and inspiration…

The Summit unites young people from around the world and gives them an opportunity to see that beyond our nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, past experiences and present circumstances, we are all human beings who essentially want the same things: acceptance, love, equality and peace.

This fundamental understanding ignites empathy and compassion.  The Summit inspires youth to turn this compassion into action by giving them the necessary tools and support to make an impact in their homes, their communities, their world, among their peers and, most importantly, within themselves.