Rise Up: Youth Leadership Development Program

Rise Up is a nine month youth leadership development program offering real-world skill development for leadership in today’s complex world.

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Reach In, Rise Up, Reach Out!

It takes courage, compassion and integrity to lead in today’s world. It’s time for the next generation of leaders to Rise Up!

Rise Up! gives emerging teen leaders ages 14-18, the skills to express themselves authentically, connect with other inspired youth, serve their community, and lead with integrity and empathy.  Potent, powerful, passionate, Rise Up! happens on Thursday’s (bi-monthly), 6-8:30pm and runs from September through May.

Expert community leaders and facilitators guide youth through an engaging experiential process, including adventure-based and interactive activities, mindfulness experiences, and potent sharing circles, allowing each young person to explore and grow their leadership style in real-time.


Fall 2018 Registration is Open!

The total cost for the 9-month program of leadership development and service learning opportunities is $500 ($250 for a partial scholarship). We offer numerous payment plans, and have full and partial scholarships available based on determined need.


To streamline our program registration process, we’re using a new system called Knack. This should eliminate the need to input each participants’ information when registering/applying for subsequent programs, and streamline your payment process.

NOTE: The new system requires parents/guardians of youth under 18 to first create an account/profile and create a youth/participant profile, before registering for a program.
Let us know if you run into any snags with the new system!
Download the simple instructions here.

Create your Account and Apply Here

If you have already created an account, simply log in, select the Rise Up! program, and apply.

Have Questions? josselin@amalafoundation.org | (512) 476-8884

As we do have cancellations from time to time, please email or call our office and ask for our Program Coordinator, Josselin Garibo (josselin@amalafoundation.org); she will add you to our wait list.  



  • To me, Rise Up is not only an invitation to take on a larger role in the global community, but to “rise up” to all that I, as a human being, have the potential to be. The program is offering me tools to become more connected to my true self and to be present in every breath I take. It is helping me to become a good listener and to be passionate about what I love and believe. Most importantly though, it is teaching me how to find peace within. These are qualities I see in the leaders I most respect. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn how to become a leader like them, a leader for peace.

    –Kay McNally
  • While timid to join Rise Up at first, the past few months have been ones of much growth for me. I never viewed myself as a leader, but through this program I have come to realize how much my own voice counts. I have also realized that a leader does not always have to be visible, and in fact, the best leaders are those who inspire and then walk away. Rise Up has given me a space to come to in authenticity. It is a place I can be real in, and a place that I trust gives me exactly what I need in the moment that I need it.

    –Alyza M.
  • A loss of words protrude when I describe the true intention of my Rise Up experience. Through self-development, and the discovery of who I really am, many unspeakable opportunities have presented themselves in my path to self awareness and leadership. Through the finding and the blossoming of my true heart, I know that anything is possible for me in the future.

  • I love the Rise Up program because its inspired me to acknowledge what I feel and how to come about it. It has totally transformed my way of thinking and the way I hold myself. Rise up is such an inspiration to me!

    –Kayley Green-Tooney
  • The Rise Up program has shown me that the future leaders of our community are strong. Rise-Up teachers youth that a big part of leadership is not just the act of leading a group of people but also listening to other people’s ideas.

    –Alex K.

Reach In, Rise Up, Reach Out!

More about Rise Up…

Sparking imagination and creativity, promoting clear communication, deep listening, authenticity, self-awareness and collaborative thinking, Rise Up! fosters young leaders who are deeply committed to growth and community service.

Rise Up! is:

  • A safe, nonjudgmental place for diverse youth to connect, support and inspire
  • A place for young adults to discover themselves, their genius, their capabilities,  and ways to share their gifts with the world
  • A place for youth to connect in real and authentic ways, to learn and grow
  • A place to cultivate powerful leadership skills, and explore making a positive impact in their community.

Meets Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 pm

FIRE Cycle (Oder Youth): Begins Sept. 27th, 2018

WIND Cycle (Younger Youth): Begins Oct. 4th, 2018

Please see below for 2018/2019 Dates.

2018-19 Rise Up Dates
For registered Rise Up participants only.

FIRE Cycle (Older Youth)

September 27First Meeting, Amala
October 11Amala
October 25Amala
November 8Amala
November 29Amala
December 13Amala
January 10Amala
January 24Amala | Parent Night
February 7Amala
February 21Amala
March 7Amala
March 28Amala
April 11Amala
April 25Amala
May 9Amala | Parent Night
May 23Amala
May 31Rise Up! Closing Celebration at Amala

WIND Cycle  (Younger Youth)

October 4First Meeting, Amala
October 18Amala
November 1Amala
November 15Amala
December 6Amala
January 3Amala
January 17Amala | Parent Night
January 31Amala
February 14Amala
February 28Amala
March 14Amala
April 4Amala
April 18Amala
May 2Amala | Parent Night
May 16Amala
May 30Amala
May 31Rise Up! Closing Celebration at Amala



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