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Employment Opportunity – Deputy Director 

Amala aims to heal communities through conversation. Since 2001, Amala has worked to build a healthy and diverse community by focusing on a culture of belonging. Amala offers leadership programs grounded in social-emotional learning (SEL) for youth and adults from diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that when people are committed to their social and emotional growth, connecting with others, and engaging in their communities, there is hope for an equitable, inclusive, and compassionate future for all of us. All our work is done through the lens of equity, inclusion, and systemic change. 

We are seeking an organized, energetic and collaborative leader. BIPOC applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. 

What will the Deputy Director do? 

Organizational Culture & Internal Operations: Support the Executive Director directly and provide strategic, thought-provoking guidance on how the organization functions in service to the overall vision, mission, and goals of the organization. Working with the ED, the Deputy will share responsibilities for internal management, operational tasks and long-term visioning for the organization’s future. 

Grant Management: Track financial performance of programs to ensure alignment with organizational and grant budgets. Prepare project budgets and reports as needed to ensure funder compliance.. Train and supervise Program Directors to ensure successful oversight of grant and program financials. 

Program Management & Support: Oversee the planning, strategy, and facilitation of existing and new initiatives and programs. Lead and support Program Directors & staff in long-term program planning, establishing outcomes, and developing clear project goals and evaluation methods. Work with the Amala team to develop and evaluate program strategies and goals. 

Community Partnerships: Establish, maintain, and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders. Develop and facilitate partnerships across systems and sectors.

Preferred Education, Qualifications, and Experience

At Amala, we value both formal and informal education. For this position, a Bachelor’s degree is recommended. 

● Previous experience working in non-profit sector, preferably in a leadership role 

● Previous management experience 

● Self-motivated and able to lead projects with minimal supervision ● Excellent relationship-building skills; ability to collaborate and personally connect with diverse internal and external stakeholders 

● Proven ability to analyze and respond to situations with a racial justice lens ● Grant writing and grant management experience 

● Strong facilitation skills 

● Familiarity with SEL and mindfulness practices 

Is this position for you? 

To be successful in this role, you must be self-motivated, reliable, accountable, self-aware, and HIGHLY organized. If you can get the right people on board and take a project from start to finish without being told what to do, this position may be for you. 

You must have a passion for SEL and equity, a commitment to becoming increasingly self- and racially-aware, an open and curious mind about people who are different from you, a natural urge to collaborate, and a willingness to bring your whole self (but not give your whole life!) to the job. If sitting in silence and checking in for a few minutes before meetings sounds like a dream to you, this position may be for you. 

Why work at Amala? 

Amala offers the following benefits: 

● Flexible schedule 

● Hybrid work options 

● 401K matching 

● Unlimited vacation time 

● Health benefits 

and more! 

Our team is small and we support each other’s growth and wellbeing. We have a flexible culture that promotes self-management and integrity, and encourages team members to connect as humans, not just as people with interlacing to-do lists.

What is the compensation package and when does it start? Salary range: $70,000-$75,000 

How to apply 

Email your resume to, along with a cover letter in which you answer the questions listed below. You will receive an email notifying you that your materials have been received. After that, Amala will initiate all contact. Please respect our hiring process and refrain from calling or sending additional emails. Given the nature of this work and working with youth, we do perform background checks on qualified candidates. We look forward to connecting with you. 

Cover letter questions (please limit to two pages): 

1. Why are you interested in Amala’s Deputy Director position and what about your background draws you to this position? 

2. What experience do you have working with a variety of constituents from a diverse background? 

3. Why do you think Amala’s work is important? 

4. What are the strengths and weaknesses you would bring to this position?

Deadline to apply is midnight on November 30th, 2022

Board Opportunities

Interested in supporting Amala’s mission as a board member? Contact us to learn more about the opportunity.

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