Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit
Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit

The Kenya Summit marks the Amala Foundation's first international Global Youth Peace Summit and will unite 70 youth from 15+ countries.

Austin Global Youth Peace Summit

The Summit unites youth from around the world for a week-long experience dedicated to personal growth, healing, cultural exchange, leadership development and
community building.

Rise Up: Youth Leadership Development Program

Rise Up is a nine month youth leadership development program offering real-world skill development for leadership in today’s complex world.

California Global Youth Peace Summit

Uniting youth from all over the world to create a community of inspired and empowered youth leaders.

Camp Indigo

Week-long summer camp for children ages 4-12, promoting a high level of respect for self and others, increased confidence while acting as a space for healing and personal growth.

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One Village Music Project

Young musicians from all over the world unite for a week to create music inspired by the Global Youth Peace Summit.