Amala Foundation Intergenerational Circle

Professional Development Program Overview

Our professional development programs will support the personal and collective growth of an organization. Through a combination of experiential practices that support wellness and stress management, healing centered practices, and building community Amala Foundation will create an environment for renewal and regeneration within a professional cohort. Amala staff will facilitate the space to help participants identify their professional challenges and support the wellbeing of participants, while equipping them with new tools to implement in their work within the greater organization.

Participants will deepen their capacity to: 

  • Build healing centered communities through their own personal healing centered journey 
  • Connect to an authentically supportive professional network
  • Create a context for renewal and regeneration within a professional cohort
  • Mine collective professional knowledge and wisdom for immediate application in participants professional experiences
  • Learn simple facilitation strategies that support team building, communication, decision-making, and problem solving

Please contact 512-476-8884 or email for more information!