Month: November 2019

Amala Foundation Intergenerational Circle

Intergenerational Circles

Join us for Intergenerational Circles – a gathering for mindfulness, movement, and sharing facilitated by our teen leaders. This program invites all ages to connect, share facilitation, and leadership skills in a community setting. Why Intergenerational Circles?Mindfulness and connection transcend generations. Research indicates that intergenerational activities foster understanding and create a sense of community. Be …

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Amala Youth Summit

The Amala Youth Summit is a seven-day residential retreat providing diverse youth with a compassionate and encouraging space to connect and grow as emotionally intelligent leaders. Activate and build meaningful relationships, embrace diversity, and learn effective ways to address bigotry and prejudice. Why Amala Teen Summit?Youth leaders are the driving force for positive social change. …

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Circle Up

One of Amala Foundation’s flagship programs is Circle Up, which is an all-encompassing 9-month program designed to facilitate culturally relevant social-emotional learning and mindfulness practices throughout the school year. The program employs diverse trained facilitators who guide students, parents, administrators, and educators in weekly sessions in schools over a nine-month period. Through accessible mindfulness, sharing …

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Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops Professional Trainings and Workshops – We partner with schools and organizations to custom build workshops, trainings, and classes. Our team of facilitators will work with you to create a custom training or workshop focused on emotional intelligence, personal and community wellness, equity and cultural responsiveness, mindfulness, self-care, and healthy communication. Employees who …

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Healing Centered Principal Cohort

Amala Foundation’s Healing Centered Principal Cohort program aims to foster personal and collective growth within school districts through experiential sessions that prioritize wellness, stress management, mindfulness, healing-centered practices, and community building, all with a goal to serve as an antidote to burnout. Amala staff provides the necessary support to help participants identify their professional challenges …

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Rise Up: Youth Leadership

Rise Up: Youth Leadership Development Program offers teenagers aged 15-19 unique opportunities to express themselves, make friends from different neighborhoods, and develop essential leadership skills. Why Rise Up?  Youth leadership is a catalyst for positive change. According to research, teens engaged in leadership development programs exhibit increased confidence and interpersonal skills. Rise Up provides a …

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